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VDT and High End team up  

VDT and High End Society team up

Recently, Kurt. W. Hecker, president of the » HIGH END SOCIETY e. V. (HES) and Carlos Albrecht, president of the VDT, signed a cooperation agreement. It is the result of the two societies working together more closely over the last few years.

"We both believe in setting the tone. We approach the same goal from different angles", explains Carlos Albrecht, adding, "What would quality production be without the quality conscious consumer – and vice versa?" Kurt W. Hecker agrees, "The two parties belong together inherently, and an intensive exchange of ideas will doubtless be mutually enriching to our work."

The interest group HIGH END SOCIETY is an association of representative companies, institutions and personalities working in high-end entertainment electronics.

The cooperation will be announced officially at the » HIGH END 2017 in Munich, the annual exhibition organized by the HIGH END SOCIETY. VDT president Carlos Albrecht will be at the official HIGH END press conference at the opening to answer any questions, and Christian Hartmann, VDT member and audio production systems expert at the Institut für Rundfunk will give the keynote address.

The HIGH END 2017 takes place at the MOC in Munich from May 18 to 21, 2017.

The two delegations of (1) and VDT (2) shool hands on the cooperation. (background, from left to right: Kurt W. Hecker (1), Stefan Dreischärf (1), Jürgen Marchlewitz (2), Carlos Albrecht (2), Jürgen Timm (1); foreground: Renate Paxa (1), Stefani Renner (2), Gisela Jungen (2))

Stand: 01.05.2017

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