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The VDT has grown to over 2100 members. This is a record in the association’s nearly 70-year history. Today, more members mean more communication. Besides our VDT Journal with the latest from the industry, which you receive five times a year, we rely heavily on email to provide information.

Our head office frequently sends out info to all members – regrettably, however, we don’t reach all of you this way. This is because of email addresses that are no longer valid or which are no longer checked. Did you know that you can update your contact details online yourself? For your convenience, we have added functionality to email address management.
By the way, about a quarter of our members use an email address with our domain and have set it as their preferred address. You can specify up to two additional email addresses besides the one at and set which should be your primary point of contact. Please verify that you have set the email address you use regularly as your primary point of contact.

To do so, log in to and go to MyVDT / My data / Contact data.  If you require your login details, you can use Forgot password? under MyVDT log in.

We look forward to pleasant communication with you!


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